Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer
Director- Sean McNamara
Written by- Sean McNamara, Deborah and Douglas Scwartz, Michael Berk, and based on the book by Bethany Hamilton.
Top Billed Cast- AnnaSophia Robb, Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, and Carrie Underwood.

Bethany Hamilton is a teen surfing sensation! She's won the regionals and is preparing for nationals when her life changes forever. While out training with her best friend and her father, a shark attacks. The movie chronicles her journey back to the top.


* I couldn't decide if I liked the chemistry between Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid or not..I mean, it was kind of awkward but kind of cute? I suppose that's a pro.

* They did a scene of night surfing and they had all of them wear the glow-sticks....that was a neat concept

* I looooved the water shots! They really utilized the underwater cams (or had extremely good CGI..)

* Speaking of CGI....good work on the arm!

* I had noted that I disliked the use of the dog at first..but then I found out that it was played by Bethany Hamilton's own dog..so I put this as a pro instead.


* Before I go an further..I have to ask: Why...why...WHY did they cast Carrie Underwood in this movie? I could tell that she was trying. I really could. But I just didn't get it.

* A lot of the shots were just too quick to process. One millisecond is not enough time to form an opinion.

* The script. I mean, I wasn't expecting anything amazing but there seemed to be a lot of in-between-time. A lot of time between expressed thoughts. Or something..I'm not really sure, it just wasn't that great.

* There were a LOT of unnecessary build-ups to un-climactic events. We don't need a major orchestra swell every scene.

* The shark...oh the shark. Jaws didn't die. Sorry to inform you.

* I did see the "ghost arm" once..barely there but..def there.

* Some awkward transitions such as from shooting a shark to shooting a picture. Just not ok.

* Lots of product placement. This actually made me laugh in the theater. I know, you do what you gotta do :)

* They had an *amazing* translator. She was practically IN the Thai lady's HEAD.

* I understand that this is an inspirational true story and that Bethany Hamilton credits God for her amazing recovery and all that she's able to do, but, I really hate church scenes in movies. It always feels sooooo contrived. I just can't even focus on the real point of the scene because I'm so distracted by these actors pretending to worship. They could really believe what they're saying, I don't know..I hope they do!

* I hate to put this here because I know it's practically impossible to do a water movie without them but..nose bubbles. Never attractive.

Now Mother..

This movie is rated PG. There's blood but nothing major. The biggest thing you'll have to discuss is the loss of a limb and how that does and doesn't change a person. Viewer beware..

Overall, I didn't flat out hate this movie but I also wasn't expecting all that much. I was surprised at how great the shots were and the surfing was awesome. I think that it was better than I expected. 2.5/5 stars.

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