Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ten ways to tell you're watching a Made-For-TV movie

Ever wonder why you missed seeing "Snow" in theaters? Or how on earth you missed seeing Katherine Heigl in a classic body-swap scenario? 

Here's why: You never learned the art of Made-For-TV movie detection.

It's ok, it's a rare art that not many study these days. Never fear! I have a handy guide for you so that you never have to worry about it again. So, here we go!

You might be a watching a Made-For-TV movie if...

1. The background music is in WAY more than just the background

2. The main character is a recent widow/widower (9 times out of ten, if the spouse is dead, the main character is a man).

3. The movie is set in a small town, typically somewhere in the north so that "explains" why all the characters sound Canadian, where everyone knows one another.

4. One of the main characters is an animal or Santa...or Santa's daughter

5. The there is a child with a "terminal" illness...

6. The two main characters discover their love for each other while on a hike

7. One (or both) of the main characters are only in the small town temporarily (therefore putting a time crunch on the romance).

8. The female main character has always claimed she doesn't want kids but the male main character just so happens to have a precocious 9 year old that captures her heart.

9. At some point during the movie, the main characters discuss the make and model of the car they're in.

Annnnd number 10!

10. You might be watching a Made-For-TV movie if one of the characters drives (or flies) across the country to deliver a horse to the other main character at a photography exhibition.

Now that you know what to look for, what movie have you seen that you are now realizing qualifies? It's ok to admit it, no judgement here!