Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Go With It

I feel the need to emphasize how often one line in this movie was said. You'll know it when you see it.

Just Go With It
Director- Dennis Dugan 
Writer(s)- Allan Loeb, Timothy Dowling, I.A.L. Diamond, Abe Burrows, Pierre Barillet, & Jean-Pierre Gredy
Top Billed Cast- Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, & Brooklyn Decker

Adam Sandler gets dumped on his wedding day and therefore feels the need to trick every woman in his life after this point into believing that he is married to an abusive spouse. Just go with it...Eventually, he finds "the one" and, unfortunately, she's already fallen prey to his trick so now he's in a pickle. He convinces his assistant (Aniston) to pose as his x-wife and even hires her two kids to play his children. Chaos ensues.


* I know this isn't really a movie-related pro (well it is..) but man, my notes from this movie are funny. I enjoyed re-reading over this stuff trying to figure out what on earth I was referring to by such things as "that was easy..or not.." and "what's with preggo and company?", lol, ok so maybe it's only a pro to me..

* I love when a movie utilizes pre-established actors & actresses to play minor roles. Cameos are there for a reason and too many filmmakers don't know how to use them well/too many actors & actresses turn up their noses at roles that aren't Oscar worthy, or maybe I should just blame their agents?

* I actually felt that Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston had good chemistry, which I did not expect. At all.

* Bailee Madison is cute in her own little way. I enjoyed her character though it was over-written at times.

* Nicole Kidman was actually quite funny in her role. Why she can't do a proper American accent after all these years is beyond me but, I suppose I should just go with it..


* I understand that this is an Adam Sandler comedy and that exaggerations are kind of his "thing" but did he REALLY need a nose the size of Texas&ahalf in the first scene? I don't think so. It's not like he has a Michael Jackson nose in real life...he could've just added a tiiiny piece on top and we would've gotten the joke.

* I kind of feel sorry for this movie. Why? Because in 5 years (probably less) over half of the script is going to be misunderstood by the audience because of all 5-billion references to popular culture today. I mean, really, how do writers think this is a smart move?

* So much emphasis went on the ring and when it went where...are we, the audience, really that dumb? I don't think so. Plus, that little tid bit was in every single one of the previews and how often do people, these days, go to see movies without seeing at least one preview?

* Who the heck is Brooklyn Decker and who thought it would be a good idea to give her a leading role as her first ever acting gig? It almost made everybody else in this movie look incredible because she sucked so bad. And whoooo names their female-supporting-character "Palmer"?? Now that, I can't just go with..

* Whoever was in charge of casting the extras needs to re-evaluate their job choice.

* What kind of Doctor and assistant have private (VERY private) conversations in front of patients? That's just not ok.

* Do we really have to just go with a practical homage to Pretty Woman? I mean..was Jennifer Aniston supposed to appear *that* bad off? And why the need for 15-gajillion shopping bags for supposedly one day of pretending?

* Speaking of the "make-over"...I understand that extensions exist, but why did she need them? Why not just get her hair shaped up? Revitalized?

* I hate when TPTB dumb things down for the viewers, whether that be in a sequence like the ring thing that I already mentioned, or in sequences that are sooooo obvious anyway that there is def no need for a music change or an awkward close-up...

* I still don't get the purpose of the fake sheep. Please, if you were able to just go with it, explain it to me?

* Finally......We paid for the ticket, we were told what theater we were to go in, we saw the posters on the way in....WHY do you have to CONTINUOUSLY throw the title of the movie into scenes??? We get it! I don't *want* to "just go with it" anymore!

Now Mother..
This movie is rated PG-13 and, as with most of the newer Adam Sandler stuff, it's fairly clean for a pg-13. There is, however, crude humor, partial nudity (I don't remember this, though), brief drug references, some sexual content, and language (I always love when they put this in the rating thingy..what movie, technically, DOESN'T contain "language"? :P ). Viewer beware..

This movie did make me laugh and I'm not opposed to seeing it again..for $1. I mean, it's a comedy and as such it did fulfill its purpose. I'm not sure that one can really expect much more from a movie like this. 3/5 stars. 

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