Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back on Track..sort of

After a lot of procrastination and loss of inspiration, I'm back. I'm still not really sure how to get this blog formatted the way I imagine it should be, but I'm going to "suffer" through it and try and find that magical mixture somewhere along the way.

First things first: This blog will contain SPOILERS*, so reader beware.

*A spoiler is information that some viewers might deem crucial to the plot or end-game and therefore feel that it should be saved for the movie itself. I LOVE spoilers. It saves me lots of disappointment and stress to know whether or not a film/tv show is going to be as horrible as I imagine it to be. Plus, who doesn't like to know stuff before, practically, anybody else?!

One last thing before we get started: Go see "The King's Speech"! I mean, how many people have to tell you before you listen? It's still playing for a reason! *Although, if you happen to be visiting Providence Theaters, avoid going to see the movie if it's playing in the last theater on the left (right wing) beside the "party room".

The Adjustment Bureau
Director- George Nolfi
Writer(s)- George Nolfi, based on the short story Adjustment Team by Phillip K. Dick
Top Billed Cast- Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, & Anthony Mackey

Firstly, I only typed "T" into the search bar and it automatically brought me to this movie. I love technology. 

Basically, this movie is about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. No, really! Ok, so, mostly it's about deciding what to do with your life. Is your plan THE plan?

On to my personal favourite part!


*Can you say chemistry?? Emily Blunt and Matt Damon can! At first it almost felt contrived because it was so intense but, by the end of it I was addicted. 

* Cinematography was pretty cool..I mean, not mindblowing, but pretty good.

* Great usage of doors. You'll have to see it to understand what makes this a pro. But trust me, doors can be quite amazingly complex objects.

* I'm not sure if I've seen a movie quite so water-filled (without water being the mode of transport) before. Also, the last time a movie was made that gave water such a unique purpose was Signs (M. Night reference for the win!).

* Though the writing often left me shaking my head, the actors did a really nice job with what was there. 


* As mentioned above: the writing. I'm no screenwriter, nor have I ever completed a single story (I try, really I do), but when I can picture the script in my's never good. I know I've said that before, but it's just such a big part of the movie-going experience for me. I feel like I can tell when an actor doesn't like or believe in their lines because it's so poorly delivered. It feels flat and soulless. I'm sure writing dialog that properly portrays the appropriate message at the perfect time in the plot is a very tricky process and props to those of you that can do it and do it well..I just feel that it's SO important to keep viewers IN the movie. If I'm able to tell you what level of Angry Birds the people two rows down from me were on...I was not appropriately drawn in to the film.

* The doors. While I made them a Pro, there were some things that could've been a lot better. If there is such a BIG focus on said doors and the way they work and how they don't work...shouldn't there also be a focus and cOnsIstaNcY on which type of doors we use?? I think so. Again, if you haven't seen it, you won't really understand what makes this a con.

* The End. What the heck? I was so drawn in, so wanting to go along with these characters, to discover as they discover....and then, it happened. Nothing. Anticlimactic much?

* Though I think that this is mostly how the character was written..I got kind of tired of Harry being sooooooo mopey all the time. Especially by the end. 

* It's all in "blue" is it? Pretty sure the "plan" was in black. Once again, *where* are the continuity people? Fact checkers? Editors? Anybody?

* Everyone knows that in this day and age everybody is google-able. 

* Minor though it is, if hats are the key (oh me, I crack myself up), then mayhaps some superglue would fix the flying issue? Simple solutions people, simple solutions.

Now Mother..
This movie is rated PG-13 for some brief language, violence, and some sexuality.

Over all, I give this move 3 out of 5 stars. Really creative idea, brilliant cast, but such a wimpy response. I'm not going to say that this movie is in the leagues of Inception or even The Matrix, but I do give it major props for certain aspects being just plain inventive.  I'll still probably own this movie. I want to like it a lot...I just wish the script was better.

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  1. Yeah this is pretty much how I felt about it too. It was a pretty interesting idea, but just a little too "Holly-fied" if that makes sense, haha. Maybe in the hands of a more experienced director, and writers, it could have been great. Still, it wasn't bad, and it's def one of the better I've seen this year.