Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I don't normally talk about TV but..

I was just thinking. It's a new year, right? So, to me, this means there are things that should be said "goodbye" to and new things should take their place. I think this should apply to TV too. There are shows out there that have, in my opinion, gone beyond their prime and should be escorted out peacefully rather than cancelled with a cliff hanger. Here are a few shows that I think we should say "Adios!" to in 2012:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Those who know me are probably surprised to hear me say this. I've been a fan since the very first season...12 years ago next fall. 12 years is a LONG time for any episodic drama and especially one that was such a front runner in its genre. Crime shows were something of a joke before CSI happened and now, pretty much, that's the only type of episodic drama on TV! I took a season break from the show due to...creative differences...back in 2008/9, I have since returned and remain a loyal fan.

Let's face it: There are only so many prostitutes that can die by strangulation in and around the Las Vegas area. Likewise, there are only so many times one can "replace" the lead character before the audience gets bored of the, seemingly, same arc of character development every few seasons. These characters are people the fans feel like they know, yet, this show likes to hold its characters at emotional stand stills for years at a time. When one finally starts moving forward they're either killed off or written off.

It's been a fun ride, but with Catherine leaving this season and the execs set to replace even her...I think this spring would be the perfect opportunity to park this classic show in the vault and let it rest in peace.

Admittedly, I don't watch this show currently but I did watch it when it first came on and for a couple seasons after that. I've heard that Fox is looking to move the sci-fi drama to a new network. In my opinion, it would be better to end the show now than to risk a dismal failure on a new network with a new time-slot competing against newer shows with newer audiences.

Grey's Anatomy
Probably will get a lot of "boos" for this one but...really? I would have thought that the sing-along disaster of last year would have been the end but apparently I was wrong. How many more attractive doctors can be killed off while saving other attractive doctors' lives in extraordinary ways in a single hospital? I understand that any time we turn on the TV we agree to suspend most forms of reality but...really? I tried to watch this show way back when but all the people drama was just too much. If I wanted to watch a soap opera, I would. Where CSI might have too little character development, I feel that Grey's has too much. I think a nice wrap up and go might be the perfect end to this TV season.

The Office
I'm sure there are still laughs to be had here but I just don't see the show surviving much longer. It had its day and that day was incredible. Losing the, basically, star of the show had to be tough and I know it tries to over come that every week. I just think, again, it would be better to end on the writers' terms than the execs', don't you?

How I Met Your Mother
I can't believe this show has lasted this long. I really have never liked it...ever. I've watched a few episodes and, granted, there were funny parts but on the whole I was just really frustrated with how little information was given. Fans have gone SEVEN seasons without knowing who the mother is? That's intense. Bravo to those of you that have made it but don't you feel..I don't know..a bit cheated? I can barely handle the suspense of a single episode of some shows, I really don't get how you all have gone that many seasons without real answers. Wrap it up and move it out!

Two and a Half Men
What really is there to say here? There is no "half" man anymore; kid grew up and Charlie Sheen is out. Are we expected to watch the kid go off to college? Or maybe Ashton Kutcher? Either way..this is another show I've never liked and I think it would be kinder to the show to put it out of its misery rather than draw it out with dwindling viewership.

Anything "Real Housewives"
I don't watch these shows but I feel the concept is tired. At least there should not be any new ones introduced this year. Poor Bravo.

As much as it pains me to say it...this upcoming season of Survivor should be its last. The good ole days of starving people, devastating injuries, and heli-flights out of the game for good are over. This new regime of "just survive on this island by yourself without having to do any real social work" is just not entertaining. There is a chance that the show can reclaim some former glory, sure, but there are drastic changes that need to be made in order for that to happen and I just don't see the show going that way.

American Idol
They proved that even with new judges, they can still bring in the fans and talent. I get it. We all get it. There are TOO many of these type shows on TV and I think it's only fair for the first to go, well, first. The auditions used to be funny, but now that everyone knows what it takes to get on TV they are either really contrived feeling or just too bad to even laugh at. Very few of the "Idols" of the past have gotten what they signed on for anyway. Bow out, AI, please.

Now, what do I think should make it to next season?

Once Upon a Time
This is here on a probationary period as I really feel that there has not been enough answered compared to the number of questions posed. But, alas, this is not the time to critique the show so I'll just say this: if they get on track and start answering real questions (and improve their graphics a bit..), I think this show could make a nice addition to the fall line-up.

New Girl
As probably most people reading this know, I don't do half-hour comedies. With that said, I have really liked what I've seen of this show! Granted, it's rather light and has no real...plan, so to speak, but it's fun and hasn't annoyed me yet.

Criminal Minds
I know, I know, typical Abby to put a crime show in here. Get used to it, people! While the character development needs MAJOR help, I just can't turn off an episode of this show. They are very smart with the scripts and story lines. I like it and I hope it sticks around for at least another season.

Ah Bones. Like with CSI, I took a hiatus from this show for a season and I'm not ashamed to admit it. The writers seem to enjoy taking HUGE risks with the characters and some times they don't end well. I'm bummed that there are a limited number of episodes this season so I hope it gets picked up for an 8th. Whether or not the show needs to continue after that remains to be seen but, for now, I'm on board.

Big Bang Theory
It wouldn't be fair not to put this show in here even though I don't watch it regularly. Creative story lines, fun characters, and actual character development set this half-hour comedy apart and I applaud it for that.

There are a lot more shows that I could put in each category, and I might add more later. I feel that in order to keep TV interesting and fresh, those shows that have been around long enough to be able to wrap up nicely, should, so that the new shows can get a chance to shine.

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