Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Beginning & The King's Speech

So this is it. Blog #1. I suppose I'll start with explaining that I technically have no idea what I'm talking about...I didn't go to a fancy film school (or any film school at all), I'm not an actress, I'm no director, and I'm definitely NOT a writer.

So, what gives me the right to post my views on what's out and what shouldn't have even been thought up? Well, nothing really. But I figure, this way, instead of boring my friends and those around me with my latest movie rantings, now I can just say "read my blog" and that should suffice.

To start, I'll be "reviewing" a movie I saw just last night:

The King's Speech
Director- Tom Hooper
Writer- David Seidler 
Top Billed Cast- Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter

This movie is really well done, in my opinion (of course it's my's my blog). Beautifully shot and wonderfully acted. I'll go over the Pros and Cons for you..


* Cinematography is brilliant. It really makes one FEEL the emotions of the scene, especially in the shots leading up to, and following, really tense scenes. A+ for that!

* Character Development actually seemed to exist in this film! It didn't feel like the actors were just reading lines and being "Colin Firth AS..." or "Geoffrey Rush AS...", there was genuine depth of character that went beyond the written word. I have a rule about actors: if I can "see" the script in my head as you're saying the I don't want to think about stage directions or be able to "hear" the Director say "Ok, this time just give a little more feeling...". It's your job as an actor, and their jobs as writers, to make the lines believable. It's not my job as a viewer to make the connection between line and delivery in my head.

* Dumbledore & Peter Pettigrew...that's right, people, DUMBLEDORE lives! and this movie. Michael Gambon plays King George V and though I couldn't see him as anything other than Dumbledore, I felt that his performance was quite good. You could really feel his frustration with his son's speech impediment. 

Pettigrew...or rather, Timothy Spall, played Winston Churchill. Here, again, I couldn't get past the whole Harry Potter thing but his character was delightfully written. My one qualm with him was that, at times, one couldn't really understand him. I blame the years of living as a rat for this. 

* Well timed humor...well written all around. Reading the synopses, one might think this movie is just a stuffy period piece with little to offer the average movie goer..I mean, it wasn't even released to most theaters so why would it interest you? Believe me when I say, there is humor in this movie. It's no Will Ferrell movie, but the comedic timing of the actors is just as brilliant. 

I could go on about the Pros of this movie but I suppose I should leave some things to you, when you watch the movie...which you should.


* I'm no history buff and I'm aware that this movie is following a true story as closely as movie-makers will allow however, I do feel that the end of the film could've expanded a bit more on dear ol' brother, (former) King Edward VIII. I felt that the final shots with this character held great opportunity to give the viewers a bit of  a "Ha! that's what you get!" moment. Apparently that was not to be.

* I wasn't too terribly fond of the exterior shots post-start of the war, felt too CGI for me. I'm insanely picky about computer generated stuff and though this was good, it could've been better. Another rule movie rule for me: if I'm not able to fully concentrate on the acting in the foreground because I'm so distracted by the attempt at a realistic background, that's no good.

This brings me to the final portion of my "review"...the "Now Mother.." section. This section will detail (mostly) things parents should know before having Family Movie night with this selection.

Now Mother..

* This movie is rated *R* mostly for coarse language. It mainly occurs in 1-2 scenes towards the end of the movie, but one should be aware that while understandable for the writing and progression of the film, there are multiple spewings of several of today's most "popular" curse words. Viewer beware. 

* Most of the characters in this movie smoke in almost every scene. Again, understandable for the era of the film but...viewer beware.

* There is talk of affairs and indiscretions (though, in line with the times, discreetly). Viewer beware.

Considering the rating and the typical movie that warrants an R rating these days, this movie is very VERY mild. But, I do think one should know what's coming before embarking to the theater or the local Red Box.

Really, and truly, this was a good movie through and through. I might find more things to pick on as time goes on (that's how it generally works) but as of right now, I'd give this movie 4.5/5 stars. I hope you guys go see or, at least, rent this movie.

Please keep checking back for new reviews! If you're looking for info on this, or any of the movies I review, check out!

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